“La Casona de los 5 Patios” is a faithful witness of Queretaro’s history. Located on the 2nd Biombo Antique St., recently known as 39th “5 de Mayo” Hall in Down Town, it is recognized as a “gorgeous jewelry from an architectonic mixture of the XVIII and XIX century”

The first habitant was Don Pedro Romero de Terrenos, who got his fortune from one of his uncles who lived on this “noble and loyal Santiago de Queretaro City”. Romero de Terrenos had businesses on the Real del Monte de Pachuca mines, which helped him to increase his fortune, becoming him one of the wealthiest men in the country.

Romero de Terrenos founded the recent Monte de Piedad, and he dedicated part of his wealth to charity issues. He got the title of “Conde de Santa Maria de Regla” from the Spain Queen, Don Carlos III (therefore, the Casona is also known as “La Casa del Conde de Regla”)

In 1839, Don Cayetano Rubio, founder of the “Hercules” textile industry, acquired the property (then, the Casona was named also as “Casa Rubio”). Don Carlos Maria Rubio, son of Cayetano Rubio, made some neoclassic-Italian rearrangements to the house.

In 1864, the Emperors Maximiliano and Carlota hosted in “Casa Rubio”. The president Don Porfirio Diaz also occupied a room in the Casona and pronounced the quoted phrase “The country has the government it deserves” from one of its balconies.

From 1920 to 1925, the Casona became the “Casa de Enseñanza de Damas Católicas” (The Educating House for Catholic Ladies). It was a boarding school to educate young ladies from Queretaro.

Don Antonio Espinoza Silis, along with his family, arrived to the Casona in 1930. They occupied the second floor; meanwhile the first floor was adapted as a warehouse and distribution center for the Corona beer. From 1960 to 1980, on the main entrance, it was established the first self-service store of the city.

During the seventies, the house became a Banco Nacional of Mexico’s property. From 1987 up to now, “La Casona de los 5 Patios” is property from a consortium represented by Juan Arturo, Juan German Torres Landa and Juan Alba Bartola Brothers, whom offered to Servando Canela Medina, a project where art, culture, gastronomy and fun are mixed.




It is a historical house, between the art and antiques, where you can enjoy high Mexican cuisine. If you know traditions and culture, the best place is San Miguelito

This beautiful place is located within the Casona de los Cinco Patios. This antique house was built with XVIII and XIX architectonic style influence. San Miguelito is more than a restaurant bar. It is also a bazaar, gallery and museum.

It is a bazaar because the 90% of the things the customers may see are on sale. It is a gallery because there are paintings and master pieces, all of them nationals. And it is a museum because of the history it embraces: tourists visit it through guided tours.

San Miguelito was born in Morelia eight years ago, and it still preserves the same context, environment and menu created by its Cheff Alfredo Cruz. It is an exclusive menu; therefore, you will not be able to find these meals in any other place.

The snacks you should taste are the Solteronas, meat fillet carpaccio with peron, olive oil, parsley, Maggi and English sauce; and the Tacos Sudados of fillet or shrimp, made on chipotle sauce (home made), in blue corn tortillas and covered with banana leaf.

On the soup side, you can find the Green Soup; the Three Cheese Cream, with Manchego, Chihuahua and Asadero cheese; the Olive Cream, made with green and black olives.

It is hard to mention a single strong dish, due to the deliciousness of all of them. There are meat such as the Filete del Patron, with a home-made exclusive marinade; or chicken such as the dish“Se Pinta sola”, as a chicken breast fillet with curds and a three chili sauce. Among the fish and seafood it is hard to pick too. It is the Lomo de Atun al Pastor, marinated in axiote with a fried pineapple base; the Filete de Mero, with a parsley sauce and mushrooms and Ajichampi shrimps, eight fresh shrimps medallion style, with chile de arbol butter, bathed in garlic. To taste up to end.



La Antojeria is a unique place, where you can taste a bit of every state of the Mexican Republic. Don Servando Canela, a businessman already recognized in Queretaro due to his excellence in “San Miguelito” and “La Viejoteca”, gives us again a place with new ideas.

La Antojeria is a dream for everyone who has good taste for meals, where a variety of mexican snacks are joined, from the tortas ahogadas of Jalisco to the panuchos of Yucatan. It couldn’t be missing the Queretana food with its traditional and authentic recipes.

As in every establishment from Servando Canela, it is a thematic place, where the decoration is in charge of Mexican artists. It is indeed a magical and colorful environment as if you were walking through a Mexican party



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